Ded - Hate Me (Music Video)

Slaves - I'd Rather See Your Star Explode

Conquer Divide - What's Left Inside


Upon This Dawning - Embrace The Evil

iwrestledabearonce- Green Eyes (Music Video)

Slaves (Jonny Craig) - My Soul Is Empty And Full Of White Girls

Slaves - Running Through The !6! With My Soul

Buckcherry - Dreamin' of you

DEVIL YOU KNOW - Seven Years Alone

Slaves - Burning Our Morals Away

iwrestledabearonce - Gift Of Death (Music Video)

Capture The Crown - Firestarter

EXODUS - Blood In, Blood Out

Death Of An Era - We The People

WINDS OF PLAGUE - Open The Gates Of Hell

CARNIFEX - Die Without Hope

WINDS OF PLAGUE - Say Hello To The Undertaker